You Must Know This Before You Start Buying Pipes At Plumbing Stores

Before buying a water pipe for home use, it’s a good idea to first identify the type of pipe that will be used. According to my knowledge, currently, there are 2 types of pipes used in everyday life. However, before we proceed, if you need an urgent repair for leaking pipes at home, we suggest you call get more info.

Here are the 2 types of pipes commonly used by most people at their properties:

1. HDPE pipe. HDPE or High-Density Propylene pipe is a flexible pipe that is very strong and can be rolled up to minimize the use of fittings or connections. This pipe has a black color and is not easily corroded. This pipe is usually used in clean water projects and can last up to 50 years. Usually, distributors will sell pipes in long rolls because they adjust to the category of use. This minimizes the use of fittings or connections.

2. PVC pipe. That is the pipe that we usually use every day or we call it a paralon pipe. This pipe is commonly used for clean water or sewage as I discussed earlier. This pipe is made of plastic and hard with a minimum length of 4 meters. The size of this pipe varies. For those used in housing for water channels such as water pumps, for example, the size used is usually an inch. Or if the size of the drain can be 4.5 inches.

Recognizing the size of the pipe must also be considered so as not to buy the wrong one and even waste money. For example, if it will be used for clean water lines that will be connected to a water pump, then you can use an inch PVC pipe. And if for the disposal of dirty water into the sewer, then you can use a 4.5-inch size (I measured this myself in my house). Or if for example for electrical installations, you can use a smaller one which if I measure at home, the diameter is 1.7 cm. The point is to know the pipe size first. If you need to take notes first so that there are no mistakes when buying.

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