Which Steel and Concrete are Superior?

We will invite you to find out; between steel and concrete which is superior to boat ramps? Steel and concrete are types of materials that are widely used for buildings cmilc. Large companies also use these two strong materials for their building projects. But, the important question is which steel and concrete are superior? To find out the answer, here is a comparison between steel and concrete itself. When steel and concrete are compared in terms of strength, steel is the winner. This is obtained from looking at the strength against the compressive strength obtained by these two materials. For concrete, the maximum strength, in this case, is about 100 Mpa. Meanwhile, steel material is far superior. We can take the example for type BJ37 steel, with an FY of about 240 Mpa and fu of about 370 Mpa. Judging from this data alone, it can be said that this steel is 3 times stronger than concrete.

You may think that concrete is more malleable than steel. Indeed, this is true. However, the ease of formation is also influenced by the structure of the desired shape in the building. If the structural design used is quite complex, concrete also requires complex formwork, and this is not easy to do. Concrete does have a lower price than steel. But this only applies to the aspect of material procurement. Meanwhile, the cost required to build using concrete is much more expensive than steel. It takes a long process and time with a high level of difficulty, and this of course will cost a lot. This occurs especially when the building type and structural design are quite complex. Steel, on the other hand, has ease of use, meaning the time it takes to build will be faster. This will save more money than concrete. You can see the evidence in many buildings, such as buildings and bridges. Many construction companies, which prefer to use steel. So, in total, the price of steel is much cheaper than concrete.

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