Understanding Tornado

Tornadoes are a dangerous type of wind that can cause disaster. We must be knowledgeable of this type of wind because it can provoke natural catastrophes. You can check out What Does a Tornado Sound Like? to help you understand the first sign of a tornado. In this article, we will discuss tornadoes: understanding, characteristics, impacts, and how to overcome them.

A tornado is a rotating grouping of air constructing a connection between cumulonimbus clouds and the land surface. Tornado wind speeds can reach 177 km/hour. Tornadoes have an average range of 75 meters and can travel several kilometers. Even tornadoes have occurred reaching wind speeds of 300-480 km / h and have a wide range of more than one mile or the equivalent of 1.6 km and can survive on the ground for more than 100 km.

Etymologically, the word tornado comes from the Spanish word tronada which means thunderstorm. The word tornado also comes from the Latin word tonare which means thunder. Tornadoes are generally known by the public as twisters. Tornadoes come in a variety of sizes, but tornadoes are generally condensation funnels with their narrow ends touching and surrounded by clouds that usually carry debris. Tornadoes usually occur in the afternoon or evening during the transition season. This type of wind can destroy everything in its path because objects that are passed by the tornado will be lifted in the vortex and then thrown.

The following are characteristics of the arrival of a tornado that we need to be aware of:

– The sky will instantly turn cloudy and turn black
– Usually, there is hail around the area for about 20-25 minutes
– After a rainstorm, the atmosphere will be calmer, but the sky will be darker and darker.
– The clouds in the sky will move quickly and surround an area
– There was a loud sound like a waterfall and then it would turn out to be like a very loud jet plane.
– Tornado winds will usually move from west to northeast, but some tornadoes move east southeast, north, and northwest.

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