This Is How To Keep Your Outdoor Carpet Clean

Outdoor carpets or also known as patio carpets are a special type of carpet that is often placed in outdoor areas, especially to beautify the appearance of the back garden or patio, deck, and often side by side with lounge chairs. Because it is placed in the terrace area, of course, this carpet which is also known as heavy-duty also has special specifications, including being resistant to weather, terrain, and resistant to dirt. However, if your carpet has become too dirty for you to clean yourself, you can always call the Carpet Cleaners Northshore.

Here are some tricks you can do to keep your patio carpet clean and comfortable to use:

We recommend that you place the carpet in an area that is protected from rainwater and exposure to direct sunlight. This is done to prevent the carpet from getting damaged and dirty easily.

We recommend that you remove your footwear before stepping on the carpet. If you want to use slippers, use special interior slippers or hotel slippers.

If the carpet is used as a base for furniture, such as tables or chairs, you should not leave it for long. Once a month the position of the carpet must be changed so that it is not easily damaged.

Dry the carpet regularly, at least once a month. Dry the back of the carpet for 3-4 hours to allow the carpet to dry optimally.

If it gets stained, such as spilled food, drinks, and others, first clean the carpet with a dry cloth, then use warm water to finish it off. After that, use a wet vacuum cleaner to finish it.

For maximum results, you should clean dust stains on carpets every day using the best vacuum cleaner. Unlike most vacuum cleaner products, the best product is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, with very strong suction power. This makes sure that your carpet can be cleaned thoroughly without leaving any dirt on it.

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