The splash is soothing, this is a minimalist koi fish pond design idea

In addition to minimalist gardens and fountains, fish ponds are also able to provide a calming atmosphere for their residents. The life window that is given by the fish pond to the house also brings added value from the application of complementary elements of this house, especially if the owner of the house is also a fish lover. The sound of splashing water and the combination of beautiful colors from the collected fish are also able to provide peace to the mind and make a feeling of saturation as if it will never come near.

Now, for the location, fish ponds can be placed anywhere, such as on empty land or unused land. As an alternative reference, the placement of a fish pond can be placed in front of the house, indoors, next to the house, or maybe in the backyard. However, make sure this placement doesn’t make the area around the space dysfunctional, huh. This fish pond design is perfect for those of you who don’t want to be complicated. The position of the pool which is equivalent to the floor makes the maintenance and cleaning process easy. Talking about the aesthetics of the design, I think this one design should be a candidate for your fish pond design. The reason is, this one design creates the impression of a luxurious aquarium and allows its inhabitants to enjoy the view of their pet fish.

Minimalist style Koi fish pond, this one design is very suitable to be built on the front of the home page. The minimalist design is also very suitable as a place to relax in the afternoon. You can also add some plants near the pond to add to the beauty of the fish pond. The Koi fish pond under the wooden deck does not only function as a Koi fish pond, in this design you can add a wooden deck above it so that it can become a special function room. For example, you can add a sofa and coffee table on the wooden deck and make space a relaxing space. Small minimalist Koi pond, if your residence does not have a large area, you can use a little space in the yard to make an open aquarium like the example above. Make sure the height or length of the aquarium, accommodates the development of your koi fish, yes.

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