Remove Your Body Hair with Laser

Now there are many choices of methods of removing fine hair on the body that claims to be a fast and painless process. One of them is laser hair removal. This one treatment is widely available in skin and beauty clinics, salons, or spas. Find out the benefits and risks of laser hair removal from medspa Scottsdale below.

Laser hair removal is a treatment method to remove fine hair from the body. Laser hair removal can be done on any part of the body but is not as effective on light-colored or blond hair. Usually, the parts of the body that are most often asked to have hair removed include the back, chest, stomach, and legs. This treatment uses a strong beam of light to destroy the hair roots but does not kill the hair follicles on the skin. That way hair growth will stop and hair will fall out naturally. Laser hair removal is not permanent. So, your hair can grow again after the treatment. Although usually new hair growth will be smoother and with more faded color.

Prior to the treatment, the area of the skin that needs to be de-furred will be cleaned first and then a numbing gel is applied. The gel will work for 30-60 minutes, so you won’t feel any pain during the procedure. You and the nurse are required to wear protective glasses so that the laser beam does not damage the eyes. After that, the area of the skin to be removed is laser irradiated. You may feel a tingling, warm, or skin-like sensation being snapped by a rubber band. The laser technique will shed fine hairs on the skin by evaporating light. The vapor from the laser will smell like scorching sulfur.

The length of treatment depends on the target body area. If the part of the body to be irradiated with the laser is wider, such as the back or legs, the treatment will last more than an hour. The results that each person will get are different.

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