Gray Ceiling Paint

You can also get an open impression by applying gray as a ceiling one man and a brush. This color is very suitable to be applied to a house with a minimalist design because it will give a modern impression. You can combine gray on the ceiling with neutral colors on the walls like white, and use wooden furniture to provide a natural contrast effect. The way to paint the ceiling is the same as the painting on the wall. The type of paint used is wall paint. The only difference is that the ceiling is located at the top in a horizontal position, so a special way is needed in painting the ceiling. Use a ladder to help with the roller painting process. If there are no stairs then you have to attach the roller or brush using a long piece of wood so that the roller or brush can reach the ceiling surface.

Who tells ceiling color is uniquely becoming for applying neutral colors? For those of you who want to make the room seem more alive, you can use yellow paint as in the inspiration above. Also, you can combine it with white paint on the walls so that it gives a contrasting and dynamic impression but not too much. In addition to choosing a ceiling model, of course, you need to pay attention to the use of color so that the room looks wider and more open. However, make sure the ceiling paint color you choose matches the interior design of the house as a whole. When coating with rollers, pay attention to the direction of moving the rollers. For rooms that have dimensions of different lengths and widths, then you should choose the direction of movement in the direction that has the shortest length or width of the room. This aims to minimize the drying process and time.

Start the painting process from the edge of the ceiling using a medium-sized brush. This is intended so that the painting results on the edges are neat. After that, coat the paint on the central ceiling using a roller. Keep the thickness of the paint coating still the same and not streaked. If the paint on the roller looks lacking, immediately immerse the roller in the prepared paint bath.

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