Do You Want To Add Artificial Grass At Home? Why Not?

Aside from presenting a variety of green plants, there are many ideas that you can apply to include natural green elements into your home, one of which is synthetic or artificial grass. Bringing natural elements into your home is an easy way to make your home attractive and look different from the others. Therefore, the time has come for you to create original and special decorations using new and unusual items such as artificial grass.

Hotels, bars, and restaurants have started a new decorating trend that tries to apply green with vegetation such as artificial grass or artificial turf. It is used in many ways, to get a more advanced look. Covering benches and chairs with artificial grass has been a hot trend these days overseas bringing with it a new aesthetic look.

The first room that comes to your mind to present artificial grass is a garden. This is suitable and suitable, but you can also put it in the room of the house.

1. Make a replacement base

Putting artificial grass as a substitute for a carpet in the living room or bedroom is a unique and interesting option for you to try. This gives an original look as if it is a small meadow. This type of decoration is inspired by nature, so you can feel like you are in the countryside.

2. Put it on the porch

If you have a sunroom or patio that is open or closed, putting artificial green grass there can be a great fit. Why? It clearly shows a certain informality and differentiates it from other decor items in other parts of the house.

3. Put it on the wall

As mentioned earlier, artificial grass is already being used in the hospitality industry, and you can also use it on the wall as if it were natural vegetation that could be accompanied by flowers and other plants. Meanwhile, to cover the entire wall, you can provide a contrast if the rest of the room (walls and ceiling) is white or warm. It should be noted that green exudes a certain coolness and freshness, so it needs to be balanced with other colors.

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