Condominium For Young Professionals

Young-spirited professionals who are known to be dynamic have their tastes in choosing a housing. Even though they put the consideration of distance and affordability as the main things, they also demand comfort and safety according to modern lifestyles, because with comfortable housing they can work and increase their productivity. The matter of distance and price and the facilities offered are the most important. Many young professionals choose apartments or condos such as One Bernam in the downtown or business district areas at an expensive cost.

Buying a house in Singapore can be very expensive. You can’t possibly afford it, but to buy in the suburb, for example, the price is quite expensive and the distance could be a little too far away, so it’s still very heavy. The distance that is too far also consumes energy so we are also less productive. Apart from considering price and distance, young professionals people also need housing that is suitable for their lifestyle such as One Bernam condo, which is a modern and dynamic millennial lifestyle, gives the inspiration to be more productive, highly supports the digital world, likes to gather with a strong sense of community, likes to travel, has a high interest in health, likes to be practical and results-oriented, and likes to travel.

Meanwhile, the problem with the millennial generation, especially young-style professionals, is their tight financial capacity, making it difficult to afford their housing. Meanwhile, on the other hand, they also have their standards, in asking for supporting facilities where they will be able to feel comfortable, safe, and productive. Instead of spending millions for renting, it’s better to have your own with affordable installments. But the question is, is there? This One Bernam is indeed devoted to addressing housing problems for the millennial generation, with a strong concept, including various facilities that support the millennial lifestyle, co-working space, sports and entertainment facilities, and even fully furnished.

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