Beginners Must Familiarize Themselves With Common Bow Types

Are you interested in learning and practicing archery? If you want to try to practice archery, one of the things you need to know and prepare is adequate archery tools or equipment. Even though we don’t have this equipment ourselves or are just borrowing it, at least we can get to know and understand these various tools so we can use them when practicing later. Archery is identical to tool sport, so it is impossible to explore it without adequate equipment. Ideally, each child is provided with adequate archery equipment, so that the practice runs smoothly. However, in the process, it is possible to have in advance the minimum standard equipment, with which the training is not hampered and can take place. Meanwhile, if you want to buy new affordable bowstrings, you can check out some discounted custom bowstrings.

There are several types of archery bows. The three most popular are traditional, recurve, and compound bows.


This traditional bow is a bow that is often shown in classic Robin Hood films. The shape is in the form of long wood tied with strings or strings

Recurve Bow

The modern bow is often contested in the Olympics today. This bow is equipped with a riser (which functions as a handle and a place to attach other accessories), grip (point to hold the bow), arrow rest (point to place arrows), sight window (which assists the archer in aiming), stabilizer (which stabilizes the bow and resists vibrations). when released), sight (also known as vision, useful for aiming accurately), limb (as a bow spring energy store), string groove (the groove where the bowstring is attached), a center serving nock point (the point where the arrow is placed), and others. You could say, recurve is the most common bow we encounter in the community or archery matches

Compound Bow

Created around the ’70s, this bow is designed to aim just right. The compound is equipped with a pulley (cam), which functions as a drag load when carrying out a full draw. That way, the bow becomes stable and the arrow shoots faster.

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