Analog And Digital Baby Monitor

Baby monitors can help parents sleep better. Thanks to this device, you can easily detect when your baby is crying whether it’s hungry or needs a diaper change. The problem is, there are many types of baby monitors on the market. Starting from only in the form of sound to video. So that you don’t buy the wrong one, first identify the types of baby monitors by first checking out

In the market, there are hundreds of baby monitor brands with various cool features. Starting from HD video, reading the temperature, to the humidity sensor. However, sometimes you don’t need all of these features. The most important thing is that the baby can be safe and monitored in the next room.

If the budget is limited, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a simple baby monitor. One of them is like an audio-type baby monitor. As the name implies, this device only detects sound so it doesn’t require a large screen or sophisticated camera. Although the features are very simple, you need to pay close attention to the type of monitor. Audio-type baby monitors are available in two versions, namely analog and digital. The analog version doesn’t encrypt transmissions so everyone can hear. Well, it’s different from the digital version. This version will ensure the signal is private. The minus, the digital version of the baby monitor is more expensive and can sometimes conflict with the wireless router if it is on the same network.

Finding the best baby monitor is just as difficult as buying a new car. The problem is the same. Do you want audio-only or with a monitor screen? Or even cooler features, like videos and temperature tests? If you want all these things, please choose a digital type baby monitor. This type of device is equipped with high-class features. However, there is a way, there is a price. Digital baby monitors are quite expensive. In addition, because the signal is private, there may be a conflict with the next-door neighbor’s digital-type baby monitor signal.

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