4 Private Islands You Can Rent To Self Quarantine During The Covid-19 Outbreak

If you’ve ever dreamed of secluding yourself on a private island with Luxury Private Boat Rentals and no one else to bother you, this seems to be the time. Quarantining yourself during the COVID-19 pandemic certainly makes you tired of being in your luxury home or apartment. Mobility is limited and activities are boring. Perhaps, isolating yourself can make you and your family more relaxed, comfortable, and safe. There is no fear of getting infected or the fear of stepping out of the house. You can sunbathe freely while enjoying the warm sun and beautiful waves.

Maybe you will imagine how difficult it is to rent a private island in another country. Don’t worry, some of these private islands are located in countries that haven’t been in lockdown, and you can rent them through Airbnb very easily. So, get your quarantine gear ready, and choose one of the following islands.

Isle East Indies
Location: Thousand Islands
You immediately feel the feel of the past when you step foot on this island. A cottage designed in the form of a Joglo House will welcome you. Houses made in Java by local craftsmen were deliberately brought to this island to display the impression of Indonesia’s past. To reach this island, you will be picked up by a vintage yacht called “The Raden Mas” where you can also have a romantic dinner under the moonlight.

The Gladden Villa
Location: Belize Barrier Reef, Belize
This 3000 sqm villa is located in the archipelago of Belize, and you can enjoy it privately with your partner. This luxury villa that stands in the middle of a small white sandy island with a spectacular view is indeed designed for couples who want to enjoy a romantic feel during their stay on this island.

Grasshopper Island
Location: Ontario, Canada
This island is not located in the middle of the sea, but in the middle of Rice Lake, one of the largest lakes in Canada. You can rent this 25-hectare island to your heart’s content by bringing relatives or family up to 6 people.

Lamb Island
Location: British Columbia
If you want to find an experience of staying on a private island that is different from staying on a beach island, just try renting this private island. An island located on the coastline near the border between Canada and the United States.

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