Use the right paint, make the house always look new

Choosing the right wood and iron paint can maintain the beauty and strength of the elements of the house that are made of these two materials. However, of the many woods and metal paint products on the market, all claim to be the best. Then how to choose the right one man and a brush , huh?

Wood and iron elements in the house usually come in the form of furniture, such as chairs, tables, and cabinets. Frames such as doors and windows, and fences. Wood and iron elements are the main decoration features in many residences in Indonesia today, which adopt a minimalist-modern style. Unfortunately, if handled wrongly, this element can easily take damage. Wood elements, for example, will easily rot due to room temperature or become brittle due to termite infestation. While the threat to the iron element is usually in the form of rust, which if allowed to reduce the resistance of the iron itself. To overcome all these problems, one of the ways is to choose the right wood and metal paint products. Paint has a function as a coating material while providing a touch of beauty through the colors it presents. For wood and metal paint, there are usually two types of colors. Namely solid colors whose function is to cover the entire surface and transparent colors that are often used to beautify products but still bring out the beauty of the base layer of the product. For example, to strengthen fiber streaks in the wood.

High-quality wood and metal paint products have maximum coverage, are not easy to peel, are easy to wash, are resistant to seawater, are shiny, and are made of alkyd material. Also, for outdoor use, the best wood and metal paint must be able to have properties to protect against weather, rust, mold, and termites. And the most important thing is that it is easy to dry so that dust does not easily stick when applied to both interior and exterior. High-quality wood and metal paint have a color density of 40-70% (depending on the color type). While the thickness after drying is about 30-40 microns. To get maximum results, it is also necessary to know how to use wood and iron paint. Because the wrong application can reduce the quality of the paint itself.

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